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Made in New York

June 8, 2011

For those who don’t know, it is Internet Week here in New York.  It’s a chance for all the tech geeks to come out of their holes and have some fun, while networking along the way.  Even though it’s a monthly event, I decided to attend the New York Tech Meetup last night and wasn’t disappointed.

Highlights include Skill Share, a website facilitating education.  It pairs amateur teachers with eager students for in-person classes.  The teachers make a couple of dollars and the students learn something, hopefully. I’m actually going to sign up for something in my area today.  Another was Sleeps with the, a web based Twitter game.  The game itself wasn’t very interesting (involving’s and killing), but the creator and presenter blew my mind.  He was charismatic, nerdy and clearly brilliant – oh and only in high school.  To think what I spent my time doing in high school…

Though, those are not the biggest take aways of the night.  New York’s tech scene has been booming in the last five or so years, giving Sillicon Valley a run for its money.  Notably, the technology coming out of New York seems to be much more collaborative (think Etsy) and less of a product (think Microsoft) than what’s in California.

The creator of Meetup challenged companies to move all of their technology here.  That means the coding, the business and production and to add a tag next to the copyright: Made in New York.  Four Square did this years ago, adding” ❤ Lovingly Made in New York” to its tech. It’s a declaration of pride, but it’s also calling attention to the New York tech scene, encouraging more technologists to flock here.

Check out for information on the companies that are made in New York (and hiring) and what it means to be made here.  Just like Jay-Z’s song, Empire State of Mind, last night made me proud to be a New Yorker.

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