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Upgraded to Android: About time

May 3, 2011

I have been a long-time BlackBerry user.  I have frequently written about BlackBerry – both positively and negatively, but have overall been pleased with the experience.  It’s great for emailing and, with Mini Opera, sufficient for browsing the internet.  Most popular apps are available for BlackBerry, including the irreplaceable BBM.  I actually considered keeping my BlackBerry just for BBM.

Enter the Atrix.  I have been looking at the Motorola Atrix for quite a while.  It’s the newest Android available on AT&T with the 2.2 OS.  The Atrix is a pretty sleek phone with 4G speeds (or at least with the newest update it can reach 4G).

My first impressions have been positive.  It has a wonderful bold screen, interesting and intuitive UI and plenty of apps to entertain. The negatives have been battery life (at least compared to the BB), touch keyboard and the fact that it still dropped calls.  Without a doubt, the connect and sound quality is better than my BB, but I did still drop a call twice while walking 20 blocks tonight.

Overall, I am very happy with my new toy!

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