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Favorite Android Apps

May 3, 2011

With the upgrade from BlackBerry to Android, the biggest change seems to be apps.  The apps take a device created primarily for emailing and business and make them a toy.  There are apps for just about everything, with new ones being created every day.  Apps for things that make your life better and ones for things you didn’t realize you needed.  I’ve had the most fun finding new apps and figuring out how to use them over the past couple of days.  These are my top apps for Android:

  • Gmail – Full Gmail capabilities, easy labeling and archiving
  • Facebook – Great for messaging and news feed, other features are lacking (can’t access brand pages)
  • Twitter – Standard Twitter client
  • Foursquare – Far superior to BlackBerry version.  Easy to find new places and play the game by seeing friends’ points
  • Google Voice – Similar to Gmail client, brings voice mail to life
  • GroupMe – The best way to keep in touch with groups with SMS.
  • Foodspotting – A great app for the “foursquare of food.” Rather than finding places you find dishes.  Awesome UG photos
  • Places – Discover new places with Google as your guide
  • Words With Friends – The best game out there.  No joke.
  • Pandora – Listen to you music on the go, part of the Music Genome Project
  • Shazam – Ever in a bar and hear a song you like?  Capture it with Shazam
  • Rdio – Radio/Playlists socialized.  Share personalized streaming music playlists (not free).

What do you think is missing from the list?

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  1. tucker permalink
    May 4, 2011 7:01 pm

    MapQuest actually has better raffic reports and real time navigation
    MyTracks for logging walks / runs
    Wireless Tether – creates a wireless hotspot (you must be rooted)
    aTides – tide data anywhere in the world.

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