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March 24, 2011

My best friends live all over the country: Chicago, DC, Phoenix.  And we do our best to keep up with each other, but it can be hard to update everyone in the group.  We’ve tried group emails, but they devolve quickly and don’t conduce quick conversation. Enter group texting.

Like all good yuppies, five out of the six of us have BlackBerries so we created a group BBM.  We have been able to share the our successes, awkward moments and funny pictures.  But that left the one iPhone user in the lurch.

There are several options for group texting across platforms: Beluga, Twilio and GroupMe to name a few.  But after SxSW GroupMe was the clear winner.  It works by creating a phone number for group members.  When one person texts to that number everyone receives the text with the author’s name, similar to instant messaging.  For example:

It’s been a great way to keep in touch with a group.  The only downside is that currently I receive probably less than five texts a day (unless there’s an exchange) so each text is usually important.  I got off the subway the other day to find I had 22 texts waiting for me in 20 minutes.  It changes the importance level of text messages to say the least.

I’d highly suggest giving it a try.

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