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February 6, 2011

For those who keep up with tech news, you surely saw the announcement of the iPad’s first newspaper this week.  It has received lots of coverage because it’s a fairly ambitious venture to create a daily newspaper in only a number of months.  But also because it’s the first of its kind.

Many companies have made iPad apps along with iPhone apps – they hold similar weight.  However, the two devices do not serve the same purpose.  Many people actually use the iPad as an e-reader, so a newspaper is a logical next step.

The Daily will be published, well, daily, and is availablke for $0.99 a week or $39 a year.  It boasts an impressive group of editors, seriously impressive, so is sure to offer high quality content.

However, I have many questions about not only it’s business model, but also its ability to hold its own in journalism.

How can it make enough money to survive? $39 a year is not much money.  With a large enough subscriber base, it could generate substantial revenue, however, the number of iPad uses remains limited, let alone users who use the device for more than a glorified game player.

Also, one of the keys to journalistic success seems to be proliferation of content or viral content.  If only iPad users can access the content, how can it spread?

All my criticisms aside, this is an exciting venture with incredible possibilities.  It is paving the way for journalism, media and technology, so I am rooting for its success.

Have you read the Daily yet?

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