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Life without internet?!

January 31, 2011

U Understyandz The Internetz Now

Do you remember life before the internetz?  Think hard… I can remember when I used to dial up to get on the internet and when I created a early version of a blog at age nine.  Like my attention span when I was nine, my early blog was short-lived.

Since then, my blogging has developed as has my dependence on the internet. The first thing I do in the morning is check my email, the weather and my Google Reader.  I communicate with my friends via the internet, watch TV via the internet, shop via the internet. I hate to admit this, but I even check my email on my phone in the middle of the night.

I won’t pretend that this dependence is normal or healthy, but it suits me just fine :).

Yesterday, I went to, you know, surf the net, and my computer wouldn’t connect to the internet.  Oh, the horror!  I reset my modem, unplugged it, disconnected and reconnected the cable, all to no avail.  After work today, I called Time Warner and they told me my modem seems to be fried and I needed a technician to come to fix the problem.  But, the technician wouldn’t be able to come for a week.  Yes, A WEEK.

MY LIFE IS OVER.  I will not be able to survive.

Yes, I can go hole up in a Starbucks or crash a friends apartment.  But, imagine this conversation: “Hey can I come over to use your internet?  I want to watch the newest episode of The Biggest Loser.”  End of friendship, to say the least.

You may be asking yourself, how is she blogging about this?  Well, this story has a happy ending.  I knocked on my neighbor’s door to see if her internet was out as well or if this was an isolated issue and she was kind enough to share her internet password with me.  Not exactly an egg or a cup of sugar, but maybe this is the equivalent in the digital age.

Moral of this story: Dislike Time Warner, get to know your neighbors.

Anyway, here is a trip down memory lane:

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