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I survived Snowpocalypse Holidays 2010

December 29, 2010

For those of you who have been living under a rock, or at least have been in a holiday-induced coma, the North East was recently hit by a major winter storm.  I was actually at home in Boston for the holidays in the days before the storm and the weather was the last thing on my mind.  Luckily someone was paying attention and I managed to get am earlier train reservation before they sold out.  Incidentally, BoltBus only reconfirmed my admiration in that they informed me early that my bus was cancelled and issued a refund immediately.


Of course, when I finally did venture out of the house, I was prepared: ski parka, heavy-duty gloves, Sorel boots.  It was 35 degrees outside, so let’s just say I was over prepared.  But to me, that’s just what you do after a blizzard.  What I never considered, however, is what a blizzard must be like to someone who didn’t grow up with snow tires and snowmen.  The experienced skier may think they are accustomed to the cold, but surviving ‘apres ski’ and snow drifts are different stories.


I love the winter, but mostly I think that’s because I know what to expect and, as such, don’t let it interfere with my life.  To me, winter means sweaters and hot tea, rather than shoveling and black ice.

Notably, New York winters appear to be even less pleasant than Chicago winters.  Without a doubt, the Chicago winters are much more brutal and longer-lasting, but you know what to expect every day: bitter cold.  New York’s temperatures fluctuate more, so after 20 inches of snow the streets look more like a raging river in spring than a frozen tundra.  You need Hunter boots, not Sorel’s.

Still, I get as excited as a Californian at the first snow.


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