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Last Minute Holiday Shopping

December 19, 2010

Is there any where better than New York around the holidays?  Particularly at night, the city just sparkles.  The season is full of treats, ugly sweater parties and shopping.  For those of you who haven’t finished finding gifts for everyone on your list, I have a couple easy ideas:

20×200: Coming off of my last art post, this website puts high-quality art into anyone’s hands.  The website sells limited-edition prints of painting and photographs ranging from $20 to $1000, depending  on the size.  Here are two that I’m considering adding to my collection:


Nice Pants

It being the 19th of December, time is running out, however.  Rather than being gouged by high shipping costs, you should consider a digital gift.

A Pandora subscription costs only $30 a year.  $30 a year!  It’s an affordable gift that will continue on after the holidays have ended.  You are also supporting a great company.  Apparently, only 3% of users have actually upgraded to the premium account, which allows for unlimited listening and higher quality streaming.

A Netflix subscription, while it may not be great for my social life, has dramatically transformed my leisure time.  There’s nothing better than watching a great movie whenever you want to without having to plan ahead.  You can purchase a subscription for a friend in different increments, from one month to an entire year.

Do you have any good last minute gift ideas?

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