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Night at the Museum

December 11, 2010

Clearly, I haven’t been spending my time blogging recently – instead, I’ve been getting out of my apartment, believe it or not.  I’ve found myself drawn to museums, more and more.  Maybe it’s because it’s cold so there are fewer things to do outside.  Maybe because it’s a cheap way to spend an afternoon with a friend.  Regardless, I want to share two striking pieces.

I went to the Baldessari exhibit at the Met a few weeks ago.  John Baldessari clearly is a weird man.  He only does modern art, and its modernity comes mainly from the self-conscious expression of art.  Some of his more brillant pieces include color studies, comparing the tones of different common objects.

Though he may be known best for this series:

What I actually enjoyed the most was his irony.  This man puts my love of puns to shame.  It seems that what Baldessari fears the most is boring art and as an effort to combat boring art, he made a video of himself writing “I will not make any more boring art” over and over.  This is the definition of dull.

Finally, the best of all, a piece simply and appropriately entitled “God Nose”:

Ironically, the night after the exhibit, I was catching up on old issues of the New Yorker and in which Baldessari was profiled.  The exhibit is running until January 8th, so if you’re in New York, so should stop by.

Last weekend I went down to D.C. to visit friends.  We went to the portrait gallery for the afternoon.  While it was filled with incredibly and influential art, one piece stood out.  I actually studied this in college and made a beeline for it when I saw it.

It’s called, “Untitled (Portrait of Ross in LA)” by Felix Gonzalez-Torres.  Each morning the museum staff bring out 175 pounds of candy to represent Ross’s 175-pound healthy body.  As the day goes on and visitors sample the candy, the pile diminishes, similarly to how Ross’s body did when affected by AIDS.  Visits are encouraged to take a piece of candy, thereby becoming part of the exhibit.  The noise of the wrapper and of eating the candy fills the room and affects those around, just like how AIDS affects not only the infected, but everyone around.

Not exactly a light piece, but one that stuck with me when I first saw it in an Art History class in college.

Hope you enjoy these and have a great weekend!

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  1. December 11, 2010 7:42 pm

    You have inspired me to visit a museum, any museum 🙂

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