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Apple wants me to fail the GRE

November 10, 2010

I am fearful that the CD-ROM is headed the way of the floppy disk and that it’s retirement may be hasty.

In the past year, the most popular (as defined by hype) tech devices have not had disc drives.  See iPad, Kindle, MacBook Air, various tablets.  The argument may be that these devices are technologically beyond the CD-ROM and that anything someone could want is available on the cloud.

MG Stigler of TechCrunch even made the statement that with the launch of the MacBook Air, Apple killed the CD.  Instead of issuing a CD for software installation, Apple sent a USB full loaded with the appropriate software.

Other than when I regress into my childhood and play Roller Coaster Tycoon ( more recently and often than I would like to admit), I don’t have much of a need for my disk drive.  Mostly is just takes up room, making my ThinkPad bulky.

Though, maybe I am just drinking the tech-flavored kool-aid.  It may be too early to rely on a device without a disc drive.  I am studying for the GRE (yes, it’s terrible) and the study guides come with CDs full of crucial practice tests.  These appear to be the key to achieving a high score on the test.  Yet, without my handy disc drive, I would not be able to take said tests.

Apple wants me to fail the GRE.

If Apple had it it’s way, I would own an iPad and a MacBook Air and not be able to use a CD.  Yes, I suppose I could purchase an external disc drive, but those aren’t practical or convenient.  Ever seen someone studying in Starbucks with an external CD-ROM drive?  No, you haven’t.

For me, it’s just a reminder that even though the tech-savvy elite may be beyond CD’s and ready for what’s coming next, Kaplan and the rest of the world isn’t there yet. It’s not only inconvenient to be ahead of the tech-curve, it may be irresponsible.  You can’t discredit companies for not being on the cutting edge either.  There’s no reason to be an early-adopter, especially if it means failing the GRE.

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  1. November 30, 2010 7:52 pm

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I really appreciate your posts. I’ve never had much use for technology until lately, and I find it’s like math. If you slept through the first decade of it, it’s quite the chore to jump on in the middle of calculus. Your blog is helping me learn my numbers. All the best.

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