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Tech from the week

October 31, 2010

This past week saw more interesting technology news than normal.  I have to say, it was a pretty exciting week. First was Firesheep, then was the Nexus Two and finally Facebook Friendship Pages.


One way to protect yourself is ForceTLS



Firesheep is a add-in for Firefox that allows hackers to easily capture your session on Facebook, Twitter,Google, Amazon, and WordPress to name a few.  Don’t worry, the nefarious hackers can only access this information if you are on an open WiFi network and aren’t using a VPN or other blockers.

The creator of Firesheep apparently launched this add-in to illustrate this weakness and urge tech companies to solve the problem.  It isn’t a new issue, just one that is making users increasingly susceptible with more WiFi hotspots and digital networks.  Regardless of the motives, I won’t be stealing free WiFi anymore.


Could this be the Nexus Two?



Word has leaked that Samsung will be producing the Nexus Two. Like last year’s Nexus One, this model is another attempt at releasing an unlocked phone. This will also be the first phone with Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. A giant gingerbread man was seen being installed at Google’s headquarters, so the announcement cannot be far away.  I am seriously considering going Android, and this just may be the phone for me (I’ll be sure to keep you updated).

Finally, Facebook announced Friendship Pages as a new feature.  These are private (though they can be made public) pages chronicling Facebook activity between friends.  This is wall posts, photos, notes, etc.  It’s an interesting move for Facebook as it is a way to personalize social media in a unique way.  It will encourage friends to engage more because all the content will go directly to a targeted group rather than your 1,000+ friends.

Did I miss anything you found important?

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