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Want to hear my secrets? Just follow me around.

October 24, 2010

Whitney Port Whitney "Whit" Port was seen on Monday in NYC walking with her boyfriend Jay Lyon along the Bowery in the uber-trendy NYC area of SOHO. For 10 blocks they pair were either SMS'ng or speaking on the phone.  Busy!!!

Have you ever walked down the street and just listened?  You’ll hear horns, cars, delivery men and countless pedestrians bearing their souls.

It seems that pedestrians (myself included) don’t believe people can hear them as they speak on their mobile phones walking down the street. Pedestrians book sensitive doctors appointment, spill the details of last night’s date to a friend, complain about co-workers to a sibling all out in the open. You are guilty of this?  What’s the crazied thing you have overheard?

Websites have popped up chronicling the over-shares, mostly mocking them.

Kim Kardashian has made a career out of sharing too much information.  This has validated the practice and help it spread. Though, even Kim Kardashian will regret posing in silver body paint soon enough.  (You can Google it yourself if you so care). Still need a Halloween costume?

The internet is no different. You think that tweeting about your hangover is funny to your friends, but it makes you look silly to everyone else.  In a world of uncertain privacy settings, you just can’t to too careful about what you are putting out into the world.

On  a more positive, less paranoid note, because of the increased noise and information shared, it’s likely your over-share isn’t being heard.  When you walk down the street talking about your breakfast to someone (who has nothing better to do than listen to your food diary) chances are there is someone next to you talking about Gossip Girl and another talking about the Giants beating the Phillies – probably more loudly than you are.   You won’t be heard.

Similarly online, your latest revelation isn’t likely to be read by even your friends let alone the rest of the world.  Thus you are probably fine blogging about your ex.

That said, if your noise you want people to hear isn’t being heard above the din, how do you yell loudly enough to break through?  Try singing a song… do something different and it just might work.

As an apology for the extended metaphor, I am leaving to with this:

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  1. October 24, 2010 10:24 pm

    Wow, good post. I can understand ony earlier in this article, but very interesting(I’m poor at English). When I walk a street, I also heard some other people’s voice, especially talking to mobile phone. I think, it’s ok, but.. When they are in the closed space like bus, train.. It’s terrible. 🙂

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