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When two memes meet: Autotuning Nature

September 20, 2010

In the past few years, a musical technique called ‘autotune’ has become increasingly popular among musical artists, notably rappers.  The technology adds melody where there is only pitch change.  Thus, a terrible singer (like most rappers) can create music appealing to a pop-fan’s ears.

One group of people decided to take autotune out of the recording study (or iPhone as it were) and into real life.  They started to autotune the news and make catchy – popular – little songs out of them.  They have become so popular that the most recent song even broke into the top songs on iTunes.

In an entirely different section of YouTube, this summer the ‘Double Rainbow’ traveled from inbox to inbox as a viral video.  This video became popular for two reasons, it would seem: first, it’s kind of ridiculous – a guy freaking out about a rainbow for an extended period of time; second, in a world full of gratuitous violence and overt sexuality it’s almost disarming to see someone react so strongly to a rainbow, that is raindrops refracting light.

This past week a tornado tore through Brooklyn.  Yes, Brooklyn.  I was only about seven miles away and wasn’t the wiser.  I didn’t even realize it had happened until two days later – not sure which is scarier. Turns out that no less than five days later, a film of the tornado similar to that of the Double Rainbow has been autotuned.

If a tree falls in Brooklyn does anyone in Manhattan hear unless it’s been autotuned?


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