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What it takes to have a successful blog

September 19, 2010

Since I started in the PR industry, I have been asking myself what exactly makes a good blog. Of course, there are many definitions of success: high UVPM, copious Twitter followers, a responsive core of readers, a growing based of readers, a updated content to name a few.  By all measurements, my blog isn’t exactly a success, however I recently spent two days with ten women who do have successful blogs and feel like I have picked up a thing or two. Three stand out to me:

  • These women were mostly food/lifestyle bloggers and as such, they have constant content, which is great fodder for posts.  I suppose technology is always changing, however, my experience with it is limited by my resources.    Still, constant content facilitates traffic and will help develop the writing.
  • These women have found specific niches and sub-niches to occupy that helps garner an audience.  It’s one thing to be a food blogger, it’s another to be a dessert blogger and yet another to be a frugal dessert blogger.  Unless a blog is large (like Gawker), the writer must specialize – easier said than done.
  • These bloggers are interconnected and allow for sharing of ideas and readers.  By writing guest blogs and doubling up on giveaways, these bloggers are uniting groups of readers and growing their own.  There may not be many who occupy your subniche, but there should be many liked-minded in your niche.

With all of this said, I know my own blog has a long way to go, but these women have inspired me to turn a new page.  I would love to hear your feedback and encouragement as I embark on a new chapter in the Acumenity.

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