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Ping, Welcome to the Pantheon

September 3, 2010

As one of the originals in the social media pantheon, MySpace, continues to lose its relevance and popularity, we welcome another into the coveted group: Apple’s Ping.

If you follow tech news, you sometimes forget that the news getting the most coverage does not directly correspond to the technology with the most users.  Given how much attention Four Square receives, you would think your mother AND your grandmother were on it; chances are, you aren’t.  We forget how many different resources there are vying for our attention.

This week, Apple jumped onto the social media scene with Ping, and 160 million potential users.  Ping runs through iTunes and has the potential of knocking all other music-centric enterprises out of the game.

MySpace Music remained popular even after all the creepers joined the network because it was a venue for artists to share their music with fans.  However, Ping aims to do the same, while allowing artists to profit from the easy $0.99 downloads.

Not alive for 4 days, Ping is already facing tremendous criticism.  It seems that the social media site isn’t all that social in the end.  It’s hard to find your friends and similarly hard to find new artists – which is the goal, after all.  It’s proving to be just another way to follow Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.  Not sure we need more of that in our lives.

Facebook Blocks Apple's Ping Social Music Service

It will be interesting to see how a (less than) social network with 160 million potential users (as of this morning, 1 million already opted-in) survives.  Does the sheer mass and volume of users keep it afloat or does the network have to work?

I sure hope Mark Zuckerberg (famously, with 500 million friends – take that, Steve Jobs) is taking notes.

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