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Four Square in the city

May 8, 2010

So I’ve written a in the past about my apprehension to adopt geo-locating social media into my life (e.g. Foursquare).  I wasn’t able to find a good place in my life for the technology and found it to be prone to over-share similarly to Twitter, but with a real privacy concern.  However, much like Twitter, I seem to have found a use for Four Square.

Moving to New York, I’ve found the idea of mastering the city daunting.  There are so many wonderful neighborhoods, restaurants and bars to discover.  Of course there are many editorial opinions, but my friends are the best Zagat of all.  I can use Four Square to check out spots they have recommended and I can share whatever I might find.  Even more cool, other users will share tips about which foods are the best or secret menus that you would never otherwise know about.

To make Four Square work, it’s not about updating the world on as to where I happen to be at any given moment.  As I’ve said before, that’s just unsafe (and a good way to be creepy).  However it is a good way to crowdsource to discover the world.  And, if businesses foster the use of Four Square and the like, they will find themselves with the best PR available: word of mouth.

That said, I am interested in seeing if this social medium will be able to spread beyond the city and places where it’s possible to crowdsource such a wide audience. For example, there is a discrete number of restaurants and retailers in suburbs and rural areas, so there is no discovering.

Suburbanites, how do you use Four Square?

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