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Bolt Bus

April 11, 2010

I consider the bus the lowest form of travel.  I would always choose train or plane over taking the bus.  However, as a spendthrift, I sometimes compromise my morals.  This weekend I took the bus home.  The trip is no faster on the train, but nearly three times more expensive.  My trek home has become easier since the Bolt Bus, mainly because it makes traveling by bus pleasant again.

The Bolt Bus is different than say Greyhound because you cannot walk up to a counter in the Port Authority and buy a ticket.  Instead, you have to book online in advance because seats are reserved.  After booking you receive an email you can print or a text message to flash the driver.  This weeds out all travels who do not have computer access, which seems to be the regular bus travelers.

In addition, Bolt Bus has leather seats and provides free Wi-Fi attracting the work sublet of travelers.  Seriously, the passengers on Bolt Bus look like an Apple ad (no iPad in sight today, though).  Notably, to compete, Greyhound has outfitted its new buses with similar leather seats and Wi-Fi, but has not changed its ticketing models, thereby still attracting the same clientèle.

Basically, the Bold Bus is an example of a common experience reinvented through technology and the change is readily welcomed.

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