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The Fabled iPad

April 3, 2010

So there hasn’t been much as much covered in tech news (or world news for that matter) in the past week as the iPad.  It seems like every blog post that I have seen has either been about the iPad or makes a reference to it. Steve Jobs placed the product everywhere from Modern Family to the Colbert Report.

Today is the day!  At least one guy has been sitting outside the 5th Ave Apple store for a couple days waiting for his device, but the rest of the world (those who preordered anyway) is receiving their shipments today.  I was sitting in a hotel restaurant with a friend when I looked over at the table next to me so see not one, but TWO iPads.  Whatever conversation I was having immediately ended as I stared at the iPad.

They only took one out of the box, leaving the other intact.  It seemed like they couldn’t even turn it on at first, but once they did, they put it into its protective case (smart choice for a large investment).  After posing for pictures, I wish I were kidding, they surfed the internet a little and started playing games.  Yes, games.

Basically that was it: a fun toy.  It was almost as though they didn’t know what to do with their new devices, similar to how I wouldn’t know what its ultimate use and market will be.  But I must say, the iPad looks great in person, sleek and small.  Maybe Steve Jobs really has done it again….

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