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The Value of Unplugging

March 27, 2010

As my dedicated followers may have noticed, I haven’t been writing as much in the past few weeks.  I have been graduating from college and moving to a new city, which sadly leaves little time for the blogosphere.

Even though I have been incredibly busy, it was nice not to be tethered to my computer.  I often feel like my computer is an extension of me, but by stepping away (there were several days when I didn’t even touch my computer!), I realized that not only can I live without technology, but which technologies actually make my life easier.

My BlackBerry allowed me to received all my important emails (moving is hard!) without using my computer.  I had all my podcasts and music on my iPod for entertainment on the airplanes.  And really, that’s about it.

I didn’t read my blogs, didn’t watch much TV, didn’t surf Facebook.  The freed time allowed me to read, connect with friends and just clear my head.  Even though I love technology and am constantly trying to add more into my life, there is a world beyond it and stepping away make you appreciate technology even more.

With all that said, I feel like I don’t know what’s going on in the world (Kim and Reggie?!) and I am very happy to be plugging in again.   You can look forward to more from me in the upcoming days and weeks!

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