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Google Reader Play

March 13, 2010

I’ve said it before, but if you aren’t using Google Reader, you should be.  It’s the best way to aggregate all your blogs/websites without having to visit each one for new content.

Google has been trying to get into the social media scene recently with Buzz and now with the introduction of Google Reader Play.

Google Reader Play is a graduate of the Reader labs, so it’s not exactly new.  But when Reader will prompt you to activate Play when you sign in.  It will feed you images/videos/text apparently based on the things you already read.

It’s an attempt to compete with sites like Stumble Upon or Digg that work based on users’ recommendations.  Much like Reader, you can star and share items that you like.

In my brief time playing with Play, I think it’s a fun time killer but not something that will actually make my life easier (like most of Google’s products).  I am definitely entertained looking through all the different posts, but don’t think I will actively seek it out.  It’s like surfing YouTube when you have nothing better to do.  This kind of a product is uncharacteristic of Google, so I am interested in seeing the directions Google continues to take.

Look at what I found:

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