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Chatroulette and Neistat

February 25, 2010

This is kind of like two posts in one — it must be your lucky day.

I have held off from writing the ‘Chatroulette post’ mainly because I have no interest in trying out Chatroulette.  For those of you who don’t know, Chatroulette is website that pairs people from across the world to have conversations via webcams.   You can be paired with any of the people on the site and can “next” whoever you are talking to and talk to another person.

The cultural phenomenon was founded by a 17 year-old in Moscow in November and has gained popularity in only the last few weeks.  I have had some friends try it out and say it’s something to experience, but given that I haven’t, I suggest watching this video instead (note: some foul language):

At first when I was watching this video, I thought that the creator was giving a pretty good overview.  As the video went on, however, I began to notice the content less and the production quality more.  The video is both visually pleasing and compelling to watch.

I did some digging, and turns out it was made by Casey Neistat and he makes LOTS of movies like this!  He and his brother have a website where they display all these vignettes and I suggest that you check it out.  HBO recently filmed an eight episode TV series about the brothers to be aired this upcoming summer — so basically you are ahead of the curve :).

Can you believe he actually hacks that computer with an ax?!?

Have a good (or bad) Chatroulette story?  Like the Neistat Brothers?

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  1. February 25, 2010 8:08 pm

    Cool video. Kind of socially disturbing site (Chatroulette, not The Acumenity). The more we are connected; the more our blemishes are visible. We all have days that the ax on the laptop would be a fun exercise. Saving my dead old notebook for that eventual therapy session.

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