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Clearing up confusion with the “SarcMark”

January 17, 2010

The SarcMark costs $1.99 to download

A few days ago I read about the new punctuation denoting sarcasm.  The dot surrounded by a squiggly line aims to express emotion like the exclamation point or the question mark — long accepted forms of punctuation.  I read about it, made my own sarcastic comment (sans SarcMark) and moved onto the next post in my Google reader.

However, over the following fews days, the SarcMark actually stuck with me.  Maybe because I use sarcasm a little too freely (and obliquely) I found myself thinking how useful this punctuation could actually be.  No more hurt feelings over a joke that wasn’t really funny.   No more confusion over the meaning of a sentence.

Still, I am not a convert.  I rarely use sarcasm in formal emails.  I do use it in my blog, but I feel the subtlety of my jokes adds pithiness  (don’t you agree, fervent reader?).  Mostly I reserve my sarcasm for instant messaging and texting.

You can download the SarcMark, for a staggering $1.99 onto your computer, so my Gchat is taken care of, but what about texting?  Perhaps this company should develop a mobile SarcMark, the e-SarcMark, if you will.  This punctuation mark will only become popular if it is accessible and USED widely.  Make it easy for us to use!!

Also, the exclamation point and question mark translate into spoken language well via inflection.  Part of the issue (and magic) with sarcasm is that no one knows when you are joking or being truthful.  Inflection would give away all the fun, so maybe this punctuation mark be suck the fun out as well.

What do you think?

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