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Facebook “Connect”

January 8, 2010

Facebook recently announced its own flavor or VitaminWater, “Connect.”  This is pretty strange bran extension, given Facebook is a social platform and Vitamin Water is a flavored drink.  Where’s the connection?  (too much?)

The new flavor and label are a result of a contest from VitaminWater’s Facebook page, so there is at least one connection.  It’s an interesting branding idea, taking something that is completely user-based and making a user-based brand extension.

This isn’t the first time VitaminWater has made strange connections.  Who remembers Fifty Cent’s flavor, or Kelly Clarkson’s?  I don’t really associate Fifty Cent with a specific taste, nor do I want to.

“Connect” features caffeine and eight “key ingredients,” which might be appealing to Facebook’s core users.  ‘Drink more Connect so you can stay up later Facebook-stalking.’  There might be something to that.

For me, anyway, at the end of the day it comes down to taste.  I am not going to shovel out a few bucks for a gross tasking water-juice, it needs to taste good.

Has anyone tried a sample?  How does it taste?

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