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Nexus One: Pricing

December 30, 2009

Last night, the pricing page for N1 was leaked on Gizmodo.  It appears that the phone will be available unlocked for $530, or for $180 with a 2-year T-Mobile contract.

This is on par with other smart phones, with the iPhone running $599 or $699 without an AT&T contract, depending on size.  However, it also means that that phone will be fairly prohibitively expensive, unless you are on T-Mobile.  Tech Crunch does a nice analysis.

Given the lack of press (a press conference has been announced for January 5th, my invite must have been lost in the mail) and hype, Google may just be testing the waters with this phone.  Very few phones are available unlocked, so its success could affect future phone launches.

Will you still buy one?

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