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Nexus One: More details

December 23, 2009

Nexus One has caught the attention of the media and techies alike.  It seems that every blog I am reading has several posts about the N1 everyday as more information leaks.

There is a video of someone using the N1, going through the different menus and applications.  Keep in mind, this is the French version of the Android 2.1:

Engadget has found specs of the N1, which is pretty incredible and confirms what we have been hearing.  I will direct you to the site rather than posting the images for fear of copyright issues.  Basically, it confirms that:

  • It will be 3G on T-Mobile and EDGE on AT&T.
  • It is slightly thinner than the iPhone (12.3 mm) at 11.5 mm
  • A 5 megapixel camera with mechanical auto focus and LED flash

Finally, Jason Chen at Gizmodo got his hands on the N1.  Whoever let him play with it, kept him on a tight leash, so there aren’t any new pictures, but he did test it against the iPhone and the Droid.

Chen claims that the Nexus One is far superior to the Droid, however, the results aren’t quite as definitive when compared to the iPhone.  If you want an Android phone, definitely go with the N1 versus the Droid, but iPhone fans might need more to change their minds.

Based on all the new information, the Nexus One is definitely a “Droid Killer,” but perhaps not an “iPhone Killer” as previously assumed.  Watching the video, the N1 seemed remarkably similar to the iPhone.  The iPhone gained so much popularity because its technology was so revolutionary.  This is where Androids in general, but the N1 specifically, might fall short.

It seems that the N1 won’t be as revolutionary as the iPhone, though since the Andriod support is growing maybe  it could compete over time.

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