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Kim Kardashian’s $$$

December 21, 2009

Even though people get very excited about developing new technologies, it seems to hard to monetize them.  Against all odds, Twitter is profitable.  Dell says that Twitter generated $6.7 million in revenue this year.  However, a few users are finding ways to really make their tweets count.

AdAge made a slideshow showing the value of different companies and their tweets.  The most notable of these slides was Kim Kardashian’s:

The text reads: “Kim Kardashian’s Tweet Stream, $10,000 a tweet.”  A TWEET!

What is she famous for again?

She has 2.7 million followers on Twitter (of which I am one) and is the top celebrity on, a service that allows celebs to monetize their social media.

While her tweets might be worth $10,000, I am curious how much value a company actually derives and how much she makes.  Just looking at her feed right now, she posts several times a day and posted about ‘Reebok Easy Tones’ just a couple hours ago.  It’s clearly a product placement, but the followers don’t seem to care (she is choosing the products to place carefully…I suddenly remember why she is famous).

Heading 2 the gym! Got my @Reebok EasyTones on! I'm toning by butt & legs b4 I even step foot in the gym! LOVE THESE! Go get

If marketers are willing to pay, and people are willing to buy it, then why shouldn’t Kim profit?

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