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Nexus One

December 20, 2009

It’s no secret that I am a huge Google fan.  Not only do they have the best search engine, but they take the profits from it and develop really neat technology.  While Google Search and AdSense might be the two most (only?) profitable departments, they still continue to develop new technology for the rest of us, even though few of these projects translate into profits.

In recent years, Google has been escalating their experiments with the internet and testing the more traditional arenas.  They developed the Chrome internet browser and the Andriod mobile phone OS.  Since then, there has been talk of a Chrome OS and a Google made Android mobile phone, but maybe those are just techie fantasies.

Well, what was started as just Twitter chatter seems to be reality: Google is releasing an Android phone called Nexus One.

It seems that Google is testing out the phone on some of its employees before the rumored released date on January 5th.  One blogger has gotten her hands on the Nexus One.  See her post for the full story, but here are some highlights:

  • It will be unlocked
    • 3G on T-Mobile
    • EDGE on AT&T
  • Very thin and aesthetically pleasing
  • Similar camera technology to the Droid
  • Android 2.1 OS

The rumor is that it will be available for $99 (after $100 rebate) through the Google website.  Can you imagine?!?

This phone has the potential to blow all of the popular models out of the water.  However, it is strange that Google is releasing a phone to compete with its own technology.  The recently released Droid features a similar Android operating system (2.0 vs the new 2.1) as the new Nexus One.  I guess Google is assuming that the OS won’t be the deciding factor for purchase if it is found in enough devices — it will just become the norm.

There also hasn’t been much hype.  I learned about the phone about 10 days ago and it will be launched in just a few more weeks.  That doesn’t seem like a great marketing plan.  There haven’t been any official announcements either, just information leaked through the internet.   We will have to see what Google is going to do to combat harness that.  However, it wouldn’t be unlike Google to just roll a product out without much PR.

Frankly, if it is just $99, I will be willing to test it out (and if it doesn’t live up, return it within the appropriate window).  Can’t wait for January 5th.

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