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Ironic that I should write about privacy this morning…

December 13, 2009

Soon after I published the post about Facebook’s new privacy settings, I opened an email from ‘Shoppybag’ that a friend had sent me.  It seemed like any other shopping website (of which, of course, I subscribe to many) until it prompted me to send the invite out to all my contacts and connect via Facebook Connect.  I thought this was odd, immediately closed the tab and thought it was over.

But no, I received a couple emails from friends asking what this email was about.  Apparently, it went ahead and sent out the email to my contacts.  Great.  Strangely, though, not all of them.  Not sure how it chose which to send it to.

I ran a virus scan, and sure enough, I had a Trojan Horse.  What a bummer.  But I guess this is a lesson learned.  Be careful about opening emails!  I apologize if you received the email.

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  1. Roger Cayer permalink
    December 13, 2009 9:48 pm

    Got the e-mail but not the Trojan Horse. I would venture to guess that the developers of this virus haven’t tried to infect Macs yet since no e-mails were sent from my computer.
    As an aside, I also was dumb enough to open the message. No harm no foul.

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