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I want your shoes

December 10, 2009

The holiday season is tough.  Its cold, to start.  Then there is the constant cheeriness.  AND buying presents for all your friends and family.  Jeeze, is it over yet?  Well, this year, Keds is utilizing social media in order to make your shopping a little easier (and fun).

In the past few years, making your own items online has become increasingly popular.  Keds is changing it up a little.  Not only can you design your own shoes, but you can also sell them to the rest of the country.  Powered by Zazzle, you can personalize your shoes not only with different colors, but also pictures that you upload yourself.  So you can have those shoes with your cats’ faces on them like you always wanted.

Thats pretty cool and all, but it isn’t unique.  What’s cool is that you can actually put your designs up for sale, and receive 10% of the profits.  Seriously, you could be famous — and make some money.  Its a pretty neat outlet for creativity, while coming up with awesome shoes.

This not only gets people excited because its fun, but it really connects consumers with the brand.  It’s not just any shoe you are personalizing, but KEDS.  This is just one of the new efforts brands are making to connect users with the brand by means of social media.

These are my favorite — what are yours?

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