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Nothing has changed since 1995

December 4, 2009

John C. Dvorak is reading my mind.  Well maybe not, but certainly my blog and Twitter feed.  No, perhaps not again, but we are thinking alike.  I tweeted yesterday about the origins of social media.  Dvorak wrote in his weekly column about how Web 2.0 its little more than “lipstick on a pig” to Web 1.0.

In the 1990’s, internet users we connecting with with each other via whatever means they could.  Those who were early email adopters, emailed.  Others spent time in chat rooms.  While fewer people (it seems) spend time in chat rooms, we are still having similar interactions as we did in the 90’s.  Twitter its just a fancy version of AIM statuses.

It is just human nature to connect with people.  The internet allowed shy people the ability to connect in a safer atmosphere.  It connected people with similar interests who might never have met.   And it continues to, except through more venues.

It all has a different shade of lipstick, but nothing has changed.

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