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Google Wave

November 30, 2009

Christmas came early this year.  I woke up this morning to the buzzing of my phone receiving far too many shopping emails (Cyber Monday rears its head).  Amid the clutter stood my coveted Google Wave Invitation.

I don’t know anyone who had received the golden ticket and could invite me, so I went straight to the source and requested one.  However, that was weeks ago, soon after its initial launch.  Perhaps Google has been reading my blog posts about them (unlikely).  It is here at last.  No matter the reason for my new invitation, Google Wave is now MINE.

I gleefully accepted the invitation and tried to start waving.  But this is all the preview gives you:

(Click image to see full sized) A whole lot of nothing.

All the reading that I have done about Google Wave actually suggests using a guide.  There are many available online (quite remarkable given it was launched on September 30th).  Mashable (a blog I recommend you all read daily) has a pretty comprehensive post for those of us not ready to pour through a textbook.

Anyway, I guess you all know what I will be spending the rest of the afternoon working on… I’ll keep you updated on my progress, don’t you worry.

P.S. Waving is the verb of Google Wave, who knew.

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