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Revolutionize your world: Google Reader

November 29, 2009

Many people (by many, I mean my mom)  have been asking me how to keep up with my blog.  I know I post so many times a day that it is hard to follow all the insights.  However, it’s true that it can be hard to read your favorite blogs consistently.

Many people don’t even read blogs; it’s hard to know where to start reading.  There is so much junk out there cluttering up the world, people don’t want to waste their time.  Unfortunately, sometimes those are the blogs that actually update most consistently.

The solution is easy, my friends: Google Reader.

I know, Google is the company of the century (all nine years of it), and they have so many neat products available it is hard to keep track.  It is easier to remember those that have distinctive names — take note, Google — like Gmail rather than the more obscure:  Google Docs or Google Reader doesn’t evoke much.  Does Google Reader read your assignments for you?

In fact, Google Reader just collects all your RSS feeds into one easy viewing application.  So, every time I post, your Google Reader will show you and allow you to read it without having to actually stop by my site.  I know how tiresome it is to type in the URL….

Not only can you keep track of the blogs you already love, but you can discover new ones.  Google will recommend certain blogs, you can see what your Gmail contacts read or you can just search a topic and see which blogs have the most subscribers.

It’s a pretty cool way to get your media easily.  If you want suggestions for blog subscriptions, let me know, I’ll tell you some of my favorites.

Another way to stay up to date on my blog is to subscribe via email.  See the toolbar on the right, there is a subscription widget.  Just enter your email address and you will receive notice every time I update the site.  Pretty neat.  Particularly easy if mine is the only blog you follow (I’m talking to you, Mom, again).

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  1. November 29, 2009 4:08 am

    Adding Vox Puellae to your bookmarks on Safari also saves a lot of time. Or, if you have an outdated system like a PC with IE7 you can add it to your favorites. This way you don’t feed the mind reading Big Brothers at Google any information about yourself and what you want to read privately.

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