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Black (and blue) Friday

November 29, 2009

Did you survive Black Friday?  In an article by the Dallas News, it seems that the crazies were definitely out on Friday, but that the whole event has been subdued.  In the past, many consumers (like the one profiled in the article) would emerge from their food comas and head out shopping to snag the sales.

Some sales open at midnight and continue into the next day, so consumers pull all-nighters.  Others open at 4:30 am, and promise ‘door buster’ discounts in order to create lines for their 4:30 am openings.

I chose the Dallas News article specifically because I was actually in Dallas yesterday for Black Friday.  We started shopping at the humane hour of noon, but were still apart of the pandemonium.  Frankly, it took away from the shopping experience.

Not only was everything picked over by the time we actually made it to the mall, but the lines were long and the crowds were mean.  It just wasn’t a pleasant experience.  So we left.

It also seemed like we weren’t getting much of a bargain.  In a world of Ebay and Gilt Group, I hate paying retail.  I’ve gotten to the point, where I don’t think 15% off is even a good deal.  I mean, come on, how much did it cost to make that J. Crew sweater, 30 cents? Also, most deals are actually online.

Online you can comparison shop and you won’t buy something because the sales person says you look ‘fabulous’ in it.  Everyone falls victim to impulse buying, but there is a grace period where you can cancel the order…

The internet has ruined shopping for me.  The whole experience seemed tiresome and plebeian.  I’ll talk to you after Cyber Monday.

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  1. W. T. Stambaugh permalink
    November 29, 2009 2:00 am

    New on
    Black Friday: The Holiday We Deserve

    We have sold our national soul at the altar of capitalism in exchange for a few pieces of plastic and a chunk or two of compacted plant fossils

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