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The quality of comedy

November 14, 2009

I like comedy.  I like funny movies, shows, books, stories.   In looking for something to do on a Friday night (I’m sick, not that lame), I found very few things worth laughing at.  Why has humor become so dumbed down?

The most popular shows on include the Office, 30 Rock and Glee.  Those who claim to laugh out loud at 30 Rock, I challenge you to explain what it so funny, iIt is too obvious.  The Office can have its subtlies, but after several seasons, they seem to be trying too hard.  And Glee, it isn’t trying to be funny when it is so I can’t call that comedy.

Hulu does have some incredibly hilarious options, namely Arrested Development (I was a never-nude for Halloween two years ago) and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Again, I have issues with these.  Arrested development only has three season, so it gets old after seeing each episode numerous times.  It’s Always Sunny culminates in yelling in every episode — how tiresome.  However, they are onto something with wine in a can.

So I stumbled over to TED.

For those who are not aware of TED Talks, it is a yearly conference bringing together some of the most brilliant minds in the world for various talks on various specialties.  Obviously, I headed straight to comedy, it’s not a philosophical night, and found some smart humor at last.

I like comedy that makes you think and doesn’t go for the easy joke.  Enjoy.

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