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Keeping up with with Moore’s Law

November 2, 2009

Given that great minds think alike, I recently read a post (eerily similar to mine, while being better written) about the loss of productivity due to increased technology.  Check out John Dvorak”s post.

He makes an interesting point about smart phones.  For a long time, I was hesitant to upgrade from the standard mobile phone to the smart phone.  I use it to make phone calls, text, and take mediocre pictures.  Even though my old Nokia was an incredibly powerful machine capable of most of the same things as the smart phone (minus the data package), I didn’t use any of the technology.

Now that I have my Blackberry, I still don’t use it to it’s fullest, but I could never go back.  I am a Pavlovian dog whenever I hear my phone buzz.  I jump to see what endlessly important email I have just received.

Mainly the Blackberry has made me realize how few important emails I actually receive.

The technology is so advanced, but we still don’t even use it.  Much like the writer in Dvorak’s piece whose work has not been made easier since the advent of the word processor, society can’t keep up with the engineers who create this stuff.

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