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Digital Get Down

October 30, 2009

As technology gets more advanced, the world gets smaller.  Your best friends may live across the country, but you can know more about their lives than your roommates’.  This new connected world also helps sustain long distance relationships more easily.

My sister is abroad in Spain and her boyfriend is in Prague.  They see each other every few weeks, but not nearly as frequently as they would like. Skype is the glue that holds them together. They Skype daily so they can meet each other’s friends, see their rooms, but most importantly, see each other.  She says the closeness is gone, but that this is a patch that will get them through the semester.

My friend, Ellie, is a bit of a different breed.  She is seeing, hanging out, into this guy.  She is in Chicago, while he is in New York so they email and gchat constantly.  They have never met.

No, Ellie did not meet this person on a dating website.  She did not peruse Craigslist.  He is just a friend of a friend.  Somehow, and I will spare you the details, they started talking online.  From there, things escalated.  They started to get to know each other through the freedom that is inherent in the internet.  No awkward first dates, just prolix emails.

This has been going on for longer than Ellie might want to admit, but how long can it last.  The guy has invited her for a visit to New York — but how will the e-relationship translate in REAL LIFE?

For dating, technology makes it easier.  You have smart phones, you are always within contact.  You can send pictures, email, chat, talk from anywhere.  However, technology can also be a crutch.  The things that make a relationship great are the small idiosyncrasies.

It has been proven by a professor at Northwestern that speed dating, albeit painful, is more effective than internet dating.  You may think you like a person based on their resume, but apparently, none of us know what we like in a mate.  Chemistry is much more compelling.  In 30 second, you can tell whether you like someone or not.

This is why my sister’s once intimate relationship has cooled off because of distance, but Ellie’s is heating up.  Ellie’s guy can be whatever she wants him to be, but my sister’s bf isn’t who is he used to be.

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  1. At least I'm not Shane permalink
    October 30, 2009 4:51 pm

    Maybe Ellie has more of a life than this post suggests…Maybe not…

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